Consolidated Operations Information and Notification System

  • The information you need
  • Where you need it
  • When you need it
  • How you need it

Collect your data from virtually any source …

  • other databases or files
  • field instrumentation
  • monitoring and control systems
  • handheld data loggers/PDAs
  • data entry stations

… regardless of location, end device count, or data volume.

Send the data to a central site, using the most appropriate technology.

  • Internet/LAN/WAN
  • wireless
  • cellular
  • modem
  • direct connect

Use your web browser to:

  • View the data as it arrives (near real time)
  • Run pre-defined or ad hoc reports
  • Export data to Excel, HTML, PDF or text files

You can also send control commands to end devices using the COINS web interface and a standard browser!

Call Utilistar today to see how COINS can meet your data collection, management and reporting needs!

COINS delivers on the promise of a centralized, flexible and easy-to-use data management system.

It can be configured to accept data from virtually any source, combine that with data from other sources, and then let users access the data through a common browser interface.

The data can also be accessed for processing by other systems, and by specialized programs needed by your facility. COINS finds applications in almost any industry:

  • Energy Management
  • Transportation and Traffic
  • Emergency Response
  • Freight Operations
  • Pipelines
  • Petrochemicals
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Irrigation
  • Security
  • Casinos
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