COINS ROAM (Remote Operations Automated Monitoring) - A field unit that interfaces with one to many end devices or systems of the same or different types, and then sends their collective data in near real time to an RDC3.

COINS RDC3 Collector Gateway - A data "traffic controller" that efficiently routes collected data to the database server and monitors overall health of the collection network. It also scans the incoming data for alert or attention conditions and sends notifications to a workstation, or by email, pager, cell phone, or PDA.

COINS Database Server - A high-performance database server that maintains months or years of data from all monitored systems or devices on-line in a common database, and delivers that data as requested to reporting, analysis, status/error/alert, and control applications.

COINS Application Web Server - Providing the primary interface to the system user and supporting advanced reporting, administration and control functions.

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